Overview of Eugene looking west on Franklin Boulevard. Skinner Butte in background, right. c.1927 - Catalog Number: CS287

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An Annual Meeting on Valentine’s Day!

Why does the Society meet on Valentine’s Day? The answer is, of course, historical! The state’s birthday happens to fall on February 14, 1859 and the Society’s bylaws require our recognition of that fact with a meeting on or close to that date.

Two events take place at the Fairgrounds that weekend, the Asian Celebration and the Frontier Heritage Fair. The Museum has long been a participant and supporter of the Heritage Fair, but this year has also had the opportunity to collaborate with the Asian Celebration. Our “What If Heroes Were Not Welcome Home?” exhibition fits well with Asian themes and we have not only extended the exhibit through the dates of the Asian Celebration , but have announced that the museum will be open 10:00-4:00 all weekend (we are normally closed on Sunday)and that admission will be free.

Our 2:00 PM pre-business part of the annual meeting will feature author Lauren Kessler (Stubborn Twig, 1998), speaking on the writing of her award-winning story of a Japanese American family. And after some refreshment, beginning at 3:00 PM the business part of the meeting will include the announcement of the recipients for this year’s Heritage Outreach grant monies, as well as the presentation of a new slate of prospective board members, followed by a vote of the membership.

Photograph at the top of this page: View of two men in fishing boat on McKenzie River. One man nets a fish, the other one is using the oars, c. 1930 - Catalog Number: CS178

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