The University of Oregon’s 1st football game in 1893. Scene shows crowd standing on sidelines of football field with teams playing in center. Horses and buggies line fence in foreground. Coach was Cal Young; final score was U of O 24 and Albany College 2. In background left to right are: Villard Hall, Deady Hall, the gymnasium and Friendly Hall. 1893 - Catalog Number: GN6054

  • County Historical Museums - All of Lane County's historical museums are listed with either a link or informational page.
  • Historic Eugene Voices and Places - This website was made possible by a Teaching American History federal grant. It was created by a local team of history teachers wanting to provide a resource for our community to share information about Eugene's remaining architectural and historic treasures. There are also video clips that review early logging of Oakridge, early Black History of Eugene, an introduction to Mary Skinner and information about two historic homes - the Belshaw-Condon home as well as the McNail-Riley home.
  • Links - Several useful and informative sites are listed.
  • Oregon Trail Pioneers - Please see below for information about the Oregon Trail and Oregon Pioneers.

Heritage Grant Program

Click here to search our website The Lane County Historical Society is pleased to announce a new heritage grant program. “We are breaking exciting new ground here,” said Bob Hart, executive director of the Society. “Historically-minded organizations and individuals, historical preservationists and heritage custodians of all stripes have suffered in the recent economic downturn and the ‘New Normal’ doesn’t promise much relief if one sticks to ‘business as usual.’ So we are trying something new for us.”

The purpose of the program is to stimulate an understanding and appreciation of our county historical heritage. The heritage outreach grant program is intended to be countywide. Although county historical museums, both public and private, are encouraged to apply, individuals, organizations, and businesses are all eligible for consideration.

Applications for projects will be accepted until January 7th, 2014 for grant projects beginning before June 30, 2014. A public announcement of the first heritage outreach grants will take place at the Lane County Historical Society annual meeting on February 14th. Application forms and guidelines can be requested from the Society at 740 W. 13th Ave, Eugene, 97402 (tel: 541.682.4242) or downloaded in pdf format from the Society website at . Grant awards will be modest and are not intended to exceed $2,500. A formal final report will be required of each grantee.

The long and short of this is that the Society wishes to stimulate knowledge and appreciation of our local heritage and is willing to help others do this, too.

Lane County Historical Society Outreach Grant

Lane County Historical Society Purpose:

The Lane County Historical Society endeavors to make Lane County, Oregon, history appreciated and enjoyed by the public for a better understanding of present-day Lane County. The Society pursues these aims through a museum, library and archive, public programs, publications, and support of historical activities. It also encourages organizations, researchers and individuals in historical endeavors.

Grant Guidelines:

The Lane County Historical Society is requesting proposals for grants addressing the investigation, preservation, recording, or interpretation of Lane County History.

Our aim is to stimulate an understanding and appreciation of our county historical heritage to accomplish specific programs and projects through financial grants.

Preference will be given to endeavors related to Museum Collections, Public Programs, Public Events, Historic Preservation and Original Lane County Historical Research. Applicants are preferred to be, but are not limited to, non-profit organizations organized under one of the various 501(c) statutes, Private Groups and Institutions, Commercial and Historical/Cultural Entities as well as Non-Governmental and Tribal Organizations.

Clear and concisely written proposals have the best chance of being funded. The scope of the proposals should be appropriate for a one-year funding period with the possibility of being renewed for a second year. Additional project support beyond the first year of funding requires a second proposal and explanation for additional funding, to be reviewed in competition with all proposals submitted during that funding cycle. In general, individual grants will range in amount from $250 to $2,500. Institutional indirect costs such as Travel, Debt Relief and the cost of Seminars and Conferences will not be considered for this program.

Application Instructions

Applications should consist of no more than five single-spaced pages of text with 10 point font minimum, exclusive of Budget Attachment and materials related to item #8 below. A brief summary of the proposed project (one page or less) should accompany the application. The project summary must be understandable to non-technical persons with an interest in Lane County history. Applications should be sent to …

Lane County Historical Society, Bob Hart, Executive Director, PO Box 5407, Eugene, OR 97405, .

Please complete the following form for Lane County Historical Society grant applications. This form and all attachments below must be combined into one document before submitting either electronically or by mail. Grant submissions will not be accepted otherwise.

  1. Specific aims of the proposal (1 page maximum)
  2. Rationale of the proposal (1 page maximum)
  3. Explanation of the relevance of the proposal in regards to the attributes specified earlier.
  4. Proposed activities and timing to accomplish your project.
  5. Anticipated results.
  6. Anticipated project budget (please use attached form).
  7. Biographical sketch of the organization or individual requesting the grant.
  8. List of materials which can be reviewed about your organization such as the organization’s website, location, copies of newsletters or professional credentials (as appropriate).

Grant Submission: Grants must either be submitted by mail or electronically as one document. Grants will be reviewed and submitted to appropriate reviewers, specifically the Outreach Committee of the Lane County Historical Society. Persons making a proposal or related to an organization making a proposal may not serve as a reviewer. The Outreach Committee will then forward its recommendations to the Board of Directors for final approval. Transfer of approved funds for specific grants are handled by the LCHS Executive Director.

Authority to Award Grants: All grant applicants acknowledge the Board of Directors of the Lane County Historical Society is the only entity authorized to award grants on behalf of the LCHS. The amounts of and occasions for awarding such grants, if any shall be awarded at all, shall be wholly within the sole and exclusive discretion of said Board based on recommendation by the Outreach Committee. Decisions are final and not subject to review for any reason.

Grant Reporting: A formal report on the grant project outcome will be required not less than one month after the project completion date stated in the grant application or at the end of the grant period. Extensions of time require a special written request. Failure to file a final report is automatic disqualification for future grant awards and may require the return of grant funds.


The undersigned certifies that they are authorized to represent the organization applying for a grant and that the information contained in this application is accurate. The undersigned agrees that if a grant is awarded to the organization: (1) the grant will be used for the purpose outlined in the grant award letter and may not be expended for any other purpose without prior written approval from the Lane County Historical Society (2) information about the organization and the grant may be used by the Lane County Historical Society in any published materials.

Downloadable Guidelines PDF

Oregon Trail Pioneers

  • Packing List
    This list is based upon Captain John Barnes Marcy's advice for emigrants from his detailed guidebook entitled "The Prairie Traveler, A Hand-Book For Overland Expeditions" which was published in 1859 by the U.S. Army. This resource gives a wonderful insight into how the typical emigrant needed to prepare for the long journey ahead when it came to food, clothing, camp supplies, medicine and weapons.
  • The Prairie Schooner
    This is a wonderful compilation of information describing the type of covered wagon most commonly used by the pioneers heading west.
  • Horses, Mules or Oxen
    Choosing the type(s) of animals to take on the Oregon Trail was a key to success for the early pioneers. Read about the pros and cons that the emigrants had to consider before they headed to Oregon.
  • Diary Excerpts
  • The Lost Wagon Train & Oregon Trail Cutoff Fever
  • Pioneer Chores and Artifacts

Public domain books on Oregon History

Photograph at the top of this page: Oregon Motor Stages bus on McKenzie Highway. Snow covered peaks of the Three Sisters in background. - Catalog Number: CS307

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